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  • Print Pins
  • Cloisonne
  • Semi-Cloisonne
  • Soft Enamel
   Print pins inclue offset print and silkscreen print.
   Offset print is a computer-generated process may reproduce sophisticated multicolored photos, slides, negatives or hand drawn artwork. Original artwork and colors can be beautifully reproduced. Adding an epoxy dome will provide a durable and glossy finish. In addition, aluminum, stainless steel, and tinplate,available with or without plating.
   Silkscreen is the perfect alternative when the enamel filled processes are not compatible with the design. Each ink color is brushed softly through a silk mesh directly onto the metal background. This process is also possible on top of cloisonne, epola, and photo-etched. Epoxy dome is an available application.
Here are some samples of prints pins, Click here to view.

   An ancient art developed over 6,000 years ago in China, cloisonne pastes fill color by color in each recessed areas of metal. After each fill, the piece is blazed harden and hand polished until perfect.
   Due to the beautiful hard glass-like finish, cloisonne is the first choice for those who require the very best.

   Epola is another way of saying Semi-cloisonne.A similar process to cloisonne, epola uses a brilliant colored resin in recessed areas and allows Pantone color matching system. The piece is baked after each color fill and polished after completion. This process reveals small details beautifully and gives a glassy smooth finish to each piece. It is also a fabulous alternative to cloisonne.
Here are some samples of epola pins, Click here to view.

   Soft enamel uses similar brilliant epola enamel withcombina-tion of the soft enamel processes. A perfect solution when 3-dimensional is not compatible with epola process as it requires grinding.
Here are some samples of soft enamel lapel pins, Click here to view.

The following order and delivery specifications apply on most our products. Please discuss your individual requirements with us.
1. We will provide a sample for approval within 7 days of receipt of your artwork.
2. Allow 20 days for production of your order, following approval of our sample/proof.
3. Typical shipping schedules from China are 7 days for air shipment and 25 days for ocean transport.


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